Welcome to my world!

“Becoming legendary is never easy. But I prefer this journey to the anguish of being confined to the ordinary, which so many potentially heroic individuals must constantly face.”

Robin S. Sharma

Hi, my name is Sergio Lezama, and I am an extremely passionate Jr Data Scientist with a deep love for the tech world.
I thrive on programming, problem-solving, studying, and reading. My journey began as a self-taught enthusiast, dedicating several years to mastering the fundamentals before completing a Data Science bootcamp at MIT.
My insatiable curiosity and passion for continuous learning drive me to constantly expand my knowledge and share what I learn with others.
I am also passionate about financial market analysis, with experience in both technical and fundamental analysis of stocks and cryptocurrencies.
My next goal is to combine this expertise with machine learning.
Welcome to my personal website, where you can explore my work and projects in the field of data science.

Here, you’ll find a collection of my data science projects, showcasing my skills in programming, problem-solving, and machine learning. Explore my work to see how I apply data science techniques to solve
real-world problems.